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Christmas Gala November 27th

Come and celebrate Advent with me... On Thursday 27th November, we are hosting a tasting of sweet and savory food at Goyas, Galway.

Goyas is putting it all on show. Everything will be available to taste and advice will be on hand as to heating and storage. It is a celebration of Christmas and good things available at Goyas. Come and enjoy from 6pm to 8pm Thursday 27th of November.

View the event schedule here


Cafe and Bakery

At the cafe in Kirwan's Lane,
we try to make your visit special.

Full waitress service, hot chocolate made with real chocolate buttons,coffee served with hot milk to enhance the flavour, loose leaf herbal tea and our own fruit squash makes for a unique experience.


Readymade Meals

When "the talk" about take home meals became LOUD, we at Goyas decided it was time to take action.

So we cooked, steamed and roasted our way through the recipes to come up with a range of meals that are quick to heat,seasonal, interesting and above all look good enough to eat.


Cakes Made To Order

We at Goyas pride ourselves on the quality of our cakes and the individual attention we give to each one so that the end result is as beautiful to look at, as it is to taste.